The Broken String Band @ Hendershots (3/5/17)

While Hendershots isn’t usually the best place to actively listen to music, the Broken String Band kept the atmosphere lively and the drinks flowing at their EP release show on March 10. Their upbeat, homegrown feel kept everyone in high spirits and even encouraged some dancing. They played songs from their new EP, “Prologue: Somebody’s Daughter”, and covered a few well-known songs including “The Weight,” popularized by Bob Dylan, adding their own bluegrass flair to it. Their three part harmonies backed by a delicious upright bass line brought a whole new dimension to my idea of bluegrass.

Sean Stephansen’s banjo playing was an obvious highlight of the ensemble, with Laura Camacho’s upright bass adding an unexpected layer. Taylor Thompson on the guitar leveled it out and a solo from “Doctor Pogo” on the drums did not go unappreciated. The balance of this band is impeccable and their chemistry is undeniable. The dueling twang of the banjo and the thump of the bass took me to a bluegrass jazz club paradise in my mind. Even if you don’t enjoy bluegrass, you can’t deny they love what they do and they’re good at it. At times the crowd was signing along and tapping their feet to the bass.

While the seating was pretty limited, people seemed happy to stand around at the bar and even sit outside and have the twangy tunes drift through the open roll up windows. As I stood near the bar, a little girl, no older than 8, approached the bar with her two younger sisters in tow and they began to pull miscellaneous coins out of their pockets and scatter them across the bar top until they had 3 dollars and fifty cents, enough to purchase a hot chocolate. The laid back atmosphere allowed this to be adorable instead of irritating and everyone looked on with smiles as they thought back to a simpler time.


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